We've designed them to meet you where you're at – because everyone's will journey is different.

Our will packages are a little different.

Wills packages

things to think about

Our Heart
to heart

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This meeting – well it's pretty important.

We're going to be asking some tough, but necessary questions to understand your current situation, your wishes, and to help make sure we're getting the most secure and beneficial outcome for you, and your VIPs.

So yes, we'll be tackling the big stuff. The hard stuff. The stuff that makes you uncomfortable. But we're in the business of making this stuff sweeter and easier to deal with – and we're pretty good at it [if you don't mind us saying so].

In this meeting? We're going to dive into the nitty gritty so we can make our plan.

We all need a starting point, and when you work with us, that's going to be our first meeting – our Heart to Heart.

Completing our pre-meeting 'things to think about' checklist can really help you understand some of the areas we are going to be working through in our Heart to Heart – plus having some of these initial discussions before the meeting can help us to maximise the use of our time together - we're big fans of efficiency.

So we always recommend you have a think about a few things before our meeting.

Preparation always makes these things easier [and it makes Ginny VERY happy].

Advanced Health/Care Directive. Getting your health wishes in order.

Enduring Power of Attorney [AKA: Your living will]

Your will. Making sure your wishes are clear and documented.

Some things are golden.

These are THE iconic trio.
They will always form the basis OF our services.
That'll never change.

Ready to give certainty and stability to your VIPs?

No one likes to think about picking guardians for their children. It's uncomfortable, we know. But nothing will compare to the discomfort felt by your kids and family members if you don't document this clearly now. We've had countless conversations with couples who have been “waiting until they finish having babies" to get their wills sorted. What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds? Protection for your children now and for those who are yet to make an appearance in the world. Our advice? Stop procrastinating. Prepare to leave a legacy, not a mess.

We get it. Picking guardians for your children is hard – but it is SO important. We're here to help you through the steps to make the right choice.

I need to pick a guardian for my young children.

Is this you?

You think it’s possible that your chosen guardians may be contested by a surviving family member

You have specific wishes around how you want your children to be cared for

You’re having trouble selecting guardians

You have young children [under 18]

This package is perfect for you if:

Ready to get this sorted so everyone is happy and cared for?

When it comes to your blended family, there are often some extra components we need to consider e.g. your new spouse, your children from a previous marriage, children from your current marriage. The list goes on. We can help you work through the options available to you [because there are plenty] to make sure everyone is looked after, as you wish them to be. 

When it comes to blended families, there can be some additional complexities – so it's important we setup your plan correctly to avoid future issues.

I want to make sure everyone in my blended family is looked after.


You want to know what your options are to achieve your goals

You’re looking for certainty in how your estate and assets will be shared between your family members

You’re not sure how to make arrangements to provide for your children and your spouse

You have a blended family

This package is perfect for you if:

Ready to get your house in order for this new chapter?

Separation and divorce is a complicated time, you need to get this part sorted, so you can securely move on to the next exciting chapter of your life. Unlike divorce, mere separation does not affect your will. Yes, you read that correctly. Don't wait until you're divorced to get this sorted. Now is the time.

Don't wait until you're divorced to update your will. If you do, your current will still stands while you are separated. You need to make sure your updated wishes are documented now.

I need to realign my wishes for a new chapter in my life, after divorce or separation.


You just want to know your options

You are at any stage of the separation / divorce process (trust us, you really shouldn’t wait until you are divorced)

You hold assets jointly with your ex spouse

You want your wealth to go to someone other than your ex spouse (maybe your children?)

You have recently separated or divorced

This package is perfect for you if:

Ready for certainty when it comes to your business baby?

If you are seriously injured, diagnosed with a critical illness or unexpectedly leave this world, what will happen to your business baby? You’ve worked tirelessly day and night to build your business. What have you put in place to look after your employees, customers, clients or investors if you can’t? What impact could this have on your family? We can help to get this sorted for you.

There are lots of moving parts in business. One thing that is constant? Your business will form part of your legacy – so it needs to be in your will.

I want to ensure continuity for my business baby.


You haven’t thought about what would happen to your business if you weren’t around

You’re a solo-preneur / entrepreneur

You’re ready to start getting your dream business team working for you

You’re a savvy investor with a trust or a company

You own a business (with or without a partner)

This package is perfect for you if:

Ready to demystify the process of succession planning?

'Succession planning' is often viewed as dirty word. Not here. We're about scrubbing it clean. Because when succession planning is done right, it can be incredibly EMPOWERING and FREEING for all parties involved. With a little planning and foresight, everyone at the table can leave feeling sure of their future, that their family is protected, and that the legacy created can live on – and that means less animosity and uncertainty, and more family Christmas lunches spent together.

Maybe you've joined an intergenerational farming family? Maybe you've left a family partnership? Maybe you're trying to understand what options are available to make sure everyone is happy and looked after? Then this is the option for you.

I need to get our succession planning right.


You’re in business on the land

You’re already part of a family business and it’s not going that well… or there is no plan

You’ve joined a family business

You are being gifted family business assets and want to know what the deal means for you

You are buying a share of a business

This package is perfect for you if:

We want you to be comfortable with your choices. We know it can be tough making these decisions and sometimes you change
your mind. 

That’s why we offer a 6 month peace of mind guarantee. If you decide that you want to make changes to your nominated executors, attorneys or guardians, we can make the necessary changes for you with no additional charge. 

You'll love our SIX month guarantee.

Need another reason?

Tips for Picking Guardians


Your business and your will.


You get what you pay for...


You should head over and check out our blog!

Looking for more information?

Nic has been collecting will skillz since 2007. She worked her way up the ladder of a large Brisbane firm in their wills, estates and trusts team. When she moved back out west, she joined a law firm in Goondiwindi before starting G.Law.

Nic is obsessed with all things business, podcasts and regional Australia. When she's not at G.Law HQ, she runs another business [G.Fence] with her husband Ed. So she not only knows wills, but she can read a balance sheet – and understands tax and super law. HANDY FOR WILLS!

What makes Nic smile the most "days spent meeting people, hearing their stories and helping them make tough decisions. That, or in my garden, with the sun on my face and three monkeys playing together, their laughter tinkling in my ears."

Hi, I'm Nicola – but you can call me Nicky!

Nicky Grummitt
Founder and Director

Wife, mother, legal ninja, lover of coffee and colour. 

Ready to protect your legacy?

Black swan events happen [they're the ones you don't see coming].

#Radbosslady, QLD

Nicky and Julia are all-stars. 
You can expect a values driven and sincere approach from G.Law, that and they run a tight ship so everything will happen just as it should in your estate planning matter! 
G.Law is the place to go for future focussed but time poor people who want peace of mind in their estate planning but just want someone to hand it all over to.

We work with some awesome people.

#Radbosslady, QLD

"Nicky makes what can be a complicated process, hassle free and easy to understand."

We love our clients


"We loved working with Nicky. Her clear process and communication made what was a rather complicated matter an absolute breeze."

It's not hard to see why...

#Radbosslady, NSW


"I ALWAYS recommend Nicky when someone asks me about getting their will done. Her advice is straight forward and clear, and you feel supported the whole way through the process."

Now we're just blushing...

#Radbosslady, QLD

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