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Need help with administering an estate or probate?

Grief is one thing to handle. Adding logistics and administration on top of that? Sometimes it can get a bit much. We can help.

Let us help you remove some of the pressure, stress and overwhelm in a time that is already emotionally charged.

There is quite a bit of work when it comes to administering an estate. It can be costly – in both time spent and money.
Sometimes, outsourcing some or all of that to a team that know the work inside out could be the right investment for you and your family.

Our estate and probate administration packages mean we can help as little, or as much as you want.

We know this stuff inside out, and it would be our pleasure to help you through it.


Heart to Heart $675 
Probate Only Package Fee $2,075

TOTAL $2,750 incl GST

* Plus anticipated Court & Other fees of Qld E$935 & NSW $based on value of the estate

Review of death certificate & will

Law Reporter advert & notice

Public Trustee notice

Supreme Court application for grant of probate
(Court forms & filing)

Responding to any questions asked by the Court,

Providing you with the Grant of Probate

You retain control, but we'll take on some of the work to lighten your load:

For Executors who want to handle the administration themselves and just need someone to do the "legal stuff".

Probate Only



Heart to Heart $675
Probate Support Package Fee E$5,100 
TOTAL E$5,775 incl GST

* Plus anticipated Court & Other fees for Qld E$935 & NSW $based on value of the estate

Probate only package [scroll back up] +

Guidance and support in completing insurance, financial institution, superannuation notifications and payment directions

Writing to notify government agencies and other bodies e.g. Council

Business structure review with detailed recommendations and action list

Looking for more support? We've got your back with this option:

Probate and Estate
Support Package


For Executors who want someone to handle the "administration stuff", the "legal stuff" and be available to support you in your role.

However, we also get that each estate is as unique as we are, so we can tailor a package to specifically meet your needs.

We do our best to make sure there is real value in these packages.

Not quite what you're after?


Nic has been collecting will skillz since 2007. She worked her way up the ladder of a large Brisbane firm in their wills, estates and trusts team. When she moved back out west, she joined a law firm in Goondiwindi before starting G.Law.

Nic is obsessed with all things business, podcasts and regional Australia. When she's not at G.Law HQ, she runs another business [G.Fence] with her husband Ed. So she not only knows wills, but she can read a balance sheet – and understands tax and super law. HANDY FOR WILLS!

What makes Nic smile the most "days spent meeting people, hearing their stories and helping them make tough decisions. That, or in my garden, with the sun on my face and three monkeys playing together, their laughter tinkling in my ears."

Hi, I'm Nicola – but you can call me Nicky!

Nicky Grummitt
Founder and Director

Wife, mother, legal ninja, lover of coffee and colour. 

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