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Your executor is basically the ‘Oprah’ of your estate.  
You get an asset!  
You get an asset!  
You get an asset!  

Why the executor is essentially the ‘Oprah’ of your estate.


Doing your own will with a DIY will kit, is like colouring or cutting your own hair.

Sure, it gets the job done but at what cost?



Image credit: Abbie Mellé For most Australians, your most significant asset is your home.  Home ownership accounts for almost 50% of average household wealth. So, it’s pretty awesome that if you sell your home, and your home is worth more than when you bought it, the tax office charges you 0% tax on the money […]

Your home and your will: 3 things your will specialist should be asking


It’s really common to get your will done when you may not have completed your family. If your family grows you need to consider the effect on your will.  There are different considerations for biological, adopted, foster or step-children.  Either way I recommend having the conversation – with your spouse and your will specialist. Book in with me anytime for a FREE15 minute discovery call.

Growing family? Your will and providing for biological, adopted, foster & step-children


If you have stored reproductive tissue (embryos and gametes) this guide is for you. Storing reproductive tissue is becoming more common.  Couples are accessing reproductive technologies to have a baby (IVF) and individuals are making the decision to keep the baby window open a bit longer, or storing tissue as a preventative measure in the […]

G.Law Guide – What happens to your reproductive tissue (embryos or gametes) on separation, incapacity or death?

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