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Hi team! I’m Julia, G.Law’s newest team member. It’s been 6 short months since I officially joined the team as a protector of legacies (fun name for an estate planning lawyer) but I feel like I have been here forever. A little background I stumbled across the G.Law Instagram page a few years ago and […]

5 things that blew me away about G.Law


Me too. Ever since I heard the news, I keep hearing it over and over again. Cue anxiety. What does it mean for our family? What does it mean for my husband’s and my upcoming career changes? Should we be fixing our home loan rate, in part or in full? What does it mean for […]

Interest rate rises have you feeling nervous?

Picking Guardians

You are not alone. Choosing who will care for your children, if you aren’t able to, is one of the most difficult decisions we face as parents. It’s tough but it’s not impossible. We help parents work through this choice all the time.  It’s what we do. Often, it’s so difficult because putting yourself in […]

Picking Guardians

Black Swan Events

[00:01] Nicky Grummitt: Okay. Thanks so much for agreeing to do this with me.     [00:04] Julia Spicer: Pleasure.   [00:05] Nicky Grummitt: You’ve got plenty of experience and you’ve also got plenty of insights to share with other business owners. Can you just start with a little run down on you and your […]

Black Swan Event: Jules Spicer


Earlier this year I was researching some legal software that I was looking to implement here at G.Law HQ to help streamline some of our processes.

One of the programs I looked at offered a ‘bolt on wills system’.

Naturally, I was curious.

You get what you pay for… 


I spent some time in the garden on the weekend [yes, I know – I bet you’re surprised…].

While I was sitting there making a plan for some new garden beds we are preparing, I had this [rather philosophical thought] that in essence, my garden is actually a lot like life.

Gardening and life


Do you have a business baby? You need to read this.

If you have a business – you need to consider it PROPERLY in your will.

Find the right will specialist for you. One who will invest the time to get this right.

By taking control now – you’re going to give your VIPs the security and peace of mind they need [and deserve] when the time comes.

Believe me. It is 100% worth it.

Your business and your will


I’ll be honest straight up.  I hate asking for help.    It’s not that I think I can do it better, it’s just that I don’t like to inconvenience other people.  You’re busy, I’m busy, we are all busy.   Since starting a business (and having children – same but different?) there have been times that […]

Asking for help

The Pineapple Project

It’s the last episode and yeah, we reckon we’ve gotten pretty good at planning for this whole death malarkey. But, as Jan realises when she tries to talk to her sister about her own wishes, the people who love you can get a bit funny when you ambush them to talk about your inevitable death.


The Pineapple Project

How do you balance the death of someone close to you with going into work? Can you show emotion? What if a colleague loses someone? Is it okay to talk about it? And what are your leave rights?

Butcher Leanne tells the story about a customer literally dying to make a point about lamb chops. Indigenous comedian and actor Steven Oliver talks about taking time off work for funerals. TED Talker Michelle Knox discusses how her own dad’s death led to a more supportive culture in her office.

Plus — what NOT to say to a colleague (e.g. “at least (anything’)!” is not advised.


We are a team of humans, working with humans. That's why it works so well. We get the legal stuff, but we also put client experience at the forefront of everything we do. We're doing law, but we're doing it differently – and we're proud of that. 

Getting sh*t done.

Embracing our 'flearnings'.



No B.S.

And we don't say that lightly. We actually mean it – because we're big on integrity and being genuine humans.

Our passion [and biz] is fuelled by hard work, and doing what we say we're going to do.

It's not just confetti and wills that excite us [although both really do light our fire].

OUR business values