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Grevillea Law

Advanced Health/Care Directive. Getting your health wishes in order.

Enduring Power of Attorney [AKA: Your living will]

Your will. Making sure your wishes are clear and documented.

Some things are golden.

These are THE iconic trio.
They will always form the basis OF our services.
That'll never change.

We help you work through these tough decisions as part of your will making journey.

Did you know that without a will, in Queensland, the first $150,000, your personal belongings & a share of the rest of your estate go to your spouse; then the rest of your wealth goes to your children equally? 

We bet this isn’t what you want!

So DO your will. It’s peace of mind. It’s looking after your family.

Without a will you are going to be making an already difficult time more difficult for your loved ones.

We understand. Deciding who takes control of your business baby is hard. Picking guardians for your children is hard. You don’t need to do this alone. 

Ready to protect
your legacy?

We’ll help you get your documents signed and sorted before you store them in a safe place.


We’ll use your estate plan to construct your will and other relevant documents relating to your estate plan.


We’ll use the information from our Heart to Heart to create your estate plan for you to review.


In our first meeting (we call it a Heart to Heart), you’ll share information and your wishes so we are all on the same page.


Wills can be complex. But we'll make the process easy for you.

Look, we get it.

We're a human centric micro law firm.

That is why we offer upfront,
fixed fee will packages.

$675 up front for our Heart to Heart – then we find the right package for your needs.


Which means we're BIG on transparency.

#Radbosslady, QLD

Nicky and Julia are all-stars. 
You can expect a values driven and sincere approach from G.Law, that and they run a tight ship so everything will happen just as it should in your estate planning matter! 
G.Law is the place to go for future focussed but time poor people who want peace of mind in their estate planning but just want someone to hand it all over to.

We work with some awesome people.

#Radbosslady, QLD

"Nicky makes what can be a complicated process, hassle free and easy to understand."

We love our clients


"We loved working with Nicky. Her clear process and communication made what was a rather complicated matter an absolute breeze."

It's not hard to see why...

#Radbosslady, NSW


"I ALWAYS recommend Nicky when someone asks me about getting their will done. Her advice is straight forward and clear, and you feel supported the whole way through the process."

Now we're just blushing...

#Radbosslady, QLD

kind words

Why not take advantage of our FREE15? 

This is an obligation free (and when we say “obligation free”, we mean it) appointment for you to get your bearings, ask us anything (yes ANYTHING), find out what is involved and understand your costs - no mystery. 

So you know you need to get this sorted, but you don’t know what to expect? 

Let's chat about it.

Tips for Picking Guardians for your kids


Your business and your will.


You get what you pay for...


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We've love to talk [and have a lot to say]

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